Welcome to Win At Chess, my personal blog about chess improvement. It contains  Chess Tips, Information about Chess Training, and Information for Chess Beginners all written with the help and guidance of a Class A chess player, and very suitable for beginning chess players who want to improve their game.

I started playing chess a few years ago and through a combination of tactics study, chess openings study, and very basic endgame study I managed to improve a few hundred points very quickly. These days I mostly yo-yo around the same rating and spend my free time watching chess videos on Youtube. I probably need to study some more to improve even more but hoping that the advice you will find in this site will set you on the same chess improvement quest that I have been on during the last few years.

I’ve drawn some recent inspiration from stories like “How to improve at chess” and the wisdom shared at the subreddit for chess. Seeing other players improve so much in the space of a short year is so motivating for me but I don’t seem to be able to achieve the same. Perhaps these people are more talented? Who knows, I will keep trying though, maybe I just need to do more tactics, after all I keep hearing that tactics are the soul of chess.

Update: 16/05/2017 – I’ve actually started learning the free 1.d4 by John Bartholomew – wish me luck 🙂